About the Company
Immersion Companies - our experience and engagement with Hotels and the Hotel Technology Industry spans decades with our staff of industry veterans.

We implement, manage and support Property Management, Central Reservation and Point of Sale systems as well as provide Call Center services for commercial and military customers worldwide.

www.ImmersionHospitality.com  - Founded in Las Vegas Nevada, This company services Fleet and Family Readiness and MWR for the CNIC out of Millington, TN. With Call Center and Support Center services delivered out of our Memphis, TN office - we provide support for over 100 Sites worldwide on all systems and networks that support their lodging operations.
www.Immersion-Tech.com - Located in Henderson, NV, This Company focuses on Building, Managing and supporting multiple PMS systems available to different markets within the USA and abroad. HotelSmart Suite ® PMS is a Classic .asp system that offers hoteliers basic check in and out functionality, rate and availability engine along with a fully integrated Web Booking Engine with Credit Card (pre-pay to stay) functionality. One Hospitality PMS is a robust Java Swing system designed for the Select Service market with a sales and catering module included.

All of our experience is in Hotels and Technology and we would be happy to discuss your challenges, your needs and see how we can offer assistance or solve problems completely.