Immersion Technology
We are Immersion Technology, Inc. (ITI), seasoned hospitality professionals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. You know that equals power. We combine our years of hospitality and technology experience to manifest a super-power that offers your organization truly personalized solutions.

As you are considering your options in hospitality solution providers, let us help you determine that Immersion Technology is your best choice. 

Systems Available

Independent Hotels Under 150 rooms ~ HotelSmart Suite (HSS)  - A Classic .asp PMS system, hosted and provided internet ready as a SaaS or premise based system. This lean PMS has rate and availability functionality, along with an Integrated Web Booking Engine. Use the system as-is, or have your own Web and .asp developers grow the system and build functionality into to it yourself, giving your competitors something new to compete with. With HSS, it is your basic PMS offering or it is your own PMS starter kit, allowing you to forge your own system for your own future.   

Midscale/Luxury Hotels over 150 rooms ~ ONE Hospitality is the newest PMS in the Immersion Development shop. We have taken this robust Java Swing application to the next level offering much more functionality and connectivity that our HSS product and adding to it some finishing touches. This PMS sells as Hosted (SaaS) or premise based and can be licensed to multiple chain/site hotels or a single, full service property.  

We are immersed in everything hospitality, technology and services. We are at your service when you have the need for Research, Development, Training, Project Management, Support, Superior Organization, Planning, Consulting, Testing and Supervision. ITI is dedicated to helping your company reach your objective, in the time estimated, within the cost quoted.